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S e l e c t e d  W o r k s 

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While we may choose to ignore a memory, whether it comes to us as an image, a sound perhaps, or through a multiplicity of thoughts, it is concealed but relevant. As memories re-emerge, we look at them differently, realizing the significant ways in which we have been shaped. These series are a visual interpretation that delves into the processes, re-memberings and reconstruction of recollected thoughts.


The works consists of photos, paintings and writings that have been arranged together then UV printed to aluminum and plexiglass, where it is mounted to a walnut paneled or aluminum box.

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Nevil Dwek is a New York based artist who works across media in photography, painting and writing.  His work is shaped by memory, observation and reconstruction of fleeting moments in time and space.  The works are arranged together then UV printed to aluminum and other materials pushing the boundaries between the surreal and the real. The prints are mounted to a maple panel or aluminum box.

After graduating from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Nevil established Dmr Productions, a motion picture, commercial and photography production company. His work has won him multiple awards in both film and photography. Starting in 2014, Nevil exhibited his new artworks in Hong Kong, before making his way back to New York among several shows. 



2021- Group Show - Roaring Back - The Core Club New York - Curated by Space2curate: Natasha Schlesinger & Chris Mack

2021- Virtual Group Show - Inspired by the City - Art Muse Selects - curated by Natasha Schlesinger

2021-  Virtual Group Show - Shrine Gallery, New York City

2019- Group Show & Auction - Barishnikov Art Center, New York City

2019- Group Show – Red Fox Gallery, Bedford, New York

2018 – Three Some Thing, Group Show, Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York City

2014 - Gone Tomorrow, Artopia Consulting, Hong Kong



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